Top Six Must-Watch Films Celebrating Lottery Wins!

Top Six Must-Watch Films Celebrating Lottery Wins!

Waking Ned Devine

In the 1998 indie film, two pals, Jackie O'Shea (played by Ian Bannen) and Michael O'Sullivan (played by David Kelly), discover that a beloved elder in their village, Ned Devine, has struck it rich in the lottery. When they rush to share the news with him, they sadly find him deceased, having succumbed to the shock of his win. However, the lottery regulations stipulate that only Ned can claim the prize. Not willing to let the money slip away, the tight-knit community bands together to devise a plan: convincing the authorities that Michael O'Sullivan is, indeed, the late Ned Devine, ensuring that the windfall stays within their village.

Finder's Fee

In the 2001 drama helmed by Jeff Probst, we follow the journey of Tepper (portrayed by Erik Palladino), who stumbles upon a lost wallet on the streets. Upon reaching out to its owner (played by James Earl Jones), Tepper discovers a lottery ticket nestled inside, promising millions. As tension mounts, Tepper's regular poker buddies convene for their customary game, now infused with unprecedented stakes. This narrative prompts viewers to ponder: faced with the ultimate winning ticket, what choices would you make?

If I Had a Million

The 1932 classic unfolds the tale of a steel magnate (portrayed by Richard Bennett) who devises a unique scheme: gifting one million dollars to eight randomly chosen individuals from the phone book. His motive extends beyond mere altruism; he seeks to thwart his avaricious family from inheriting his wealth. Among the fortunate recipients are an elderly lady, an entertainer, a marine, and an office clerk. Although these individuals didn't secure lottery winnings, the film delves into how their unexpected windfall shapes their destinies.

29th Street

"29th Street," a film based on a true story, follows the extraordinary life of Frank Pesce Jr. (portrayed by Anthony LaPaglia), whose existence seems charmed from the moment of his birth. In this 1991 movie, Pesce's mother's last-minute decision to change hospitals spares them from a disastrous fate—the original hospital burns down. Growing up in Queens, New York, Pesce continues to experience remarkable luck. However, his hard-working but less fortunate father becomes envious. Tensions escalate as Frank Pesce Jr. achieves a historic milestone by becoming the first winner of the New York State Lottery.

Welcome to Me

In the 2015 dark comedy starring Kristen Wiig, we meet Alice Klieg, a young woman grappling with Borderline Personality Disorder who experiences a stroke of luck by winning $86 million in the lottery. With her newfound wealth, Alice decides to forgo her psychiatric medication and launches her own talk show, drawing inspiration from Oprah Winfrey. However, Alice's journey into fame proves tumultuous, as her aspirations far outweigh her hosting abilities, resulting in hilarious misadventures.

It Could Happen to You

The 1994 film "It Could Happen to You" tells the captivating tale inspired by real events. Nicolas Cage portrays a New York City police officer, and Bridget Fonda plays a waitress. Their characters find themselves unexpectedly winning the lottery, sharing the prize and (spoiler alert!) discovering love along the way. Although the storyline is rooted in truth, the real-life counterparts didn't develop romantic feelings. Nonetheless, they maintained a lasting friendship, enriched by their newfound wealth.

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